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Worm composter is star attraction at Wychwood Forest Fair

Master Composter's Janet Witcomb, Tony Hirtenstein and Jan Holah had a splendid time at the Wychwood Forest Fair in September, with a day of exceptionally good weather.

Jan said: ‘The tent we set up in was crowded for most of the day and the tally for all of us was 80 conversations. Though I think that might be an underestimate! I kept my own personal tally and that was 31.

We had many interesting conversations, as usual. Janet’s worm composter was the star attraction. Having Love Food Hate Waste material gave us added appeal and traction to begin conversations. Many thanks to Janet for organising the table.

MC Janet Witcomb at Wychwood Forest Fair

Tony sent this picture, and added: Many thanks to Janet and Jan for all their hard work (I sloped off exhausted at 4pm...)