Home Composting

The Master Composter Programme - 2014 achievements

 Front cover of 2014 report
Garden Organic's Master Composters are volunteers who spend time promoting home composting in their local community, encouraging householders to take up composting and ensuring those already composting do so effectively. Master Composters come from many backgrounds and age groups; their unifying feature is their enthusiasm for encouraging more environmentally friendly waste management practices.
My favourite thing about being a Master Composter is… “Meeting the public and helping to promote sustainability through recycling green waste.”

Volunteer Master Composter


Each year we are astounded by the contributions volunteer Master Composters make to the programme, 2014 was no exception. There are currently 538 volunteers and over the year a staggering 5066 volunteer hours have been recorded. That is 5066 hours spent promoting home composting in local communities around the UK, a feat that no local council could ever hope to achieve on its own.

To download the 2014 report please click here.