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What do Master Composters do?

Examples of volunteer work carried out by Master Composters:

  1. Talks

    • Schools - those with gardens and those that don't, which may need encouragement
    • Youth groups - especially those involved with voluntary work in the gardening world
    • Allotment groups and gardening clubs
    • Young Farmers groups
    • Horticultural societies
    • Guest speakers at evening classes in Gardening
  2. Demonstrations

    • Schools
    • Neighbourhood events e.g. village fetes, fund raising events and Community days.
    • Local garden centres
    • To your next-door neighbours
    • Set up a home compost demonstration site
  3. Written articles

    • Promotion in the local press - the benefits of home made compost
    • Articles in the gardening section of the local paper
    • Promotion of the local sales of green waste compost
    • Newsletters for allotment groups or local resident community groups
    • Articles in Parish/Community/ Church Magazines (see later for examples)
  4. Other promotion ideas

    • Help promote future sales of compost bins
    • Help develop education programmes for schools and colleges
    • Help at council run roadshows
    • Help design leaflets
    • Contribute to websites
  5. Other ways to help

    • Set up a community composting site
    • Help run a community compost site

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