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Interested in starting a Master Composter Scheme in your area?

If you work in waste minimisation/recycling you may want to consider setting up a Master Composter scheme if there is not already one in your area. Whilst some capital input is required, this is offset by the positive influence of the Master Composters on diversion rates of biodegrable waste from landfill.

Things to think about when considering a Master Composter scheme:

  • Training: who will provide the Master Composters with the initial training they require on composting and home composting promotion?
  • Resources: what resources will you be able to provide eg uniforms, display resources, technical composting knowledge?
  • Support: the key to a successful Master Composter scheme is on-going, effective volunteer support. Garden Organic consider it is essential that there is a dedicated Master Composter 'Coordinator' to assist the volunteers in their day to day activities. Is there anyone available to take on this role and how much time will they have?
  • Monitoring: to justify the activity it will be important to monitor impacts and outputs.

Garden Organic provide a comprehensive Master Composter Programme that encompasses all these aspects of a Master Composter scheme, or we can supply certain aspects as required. For more information, contact David Garrett, Sustainable Communities Manager on 02476 217742 or email through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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