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Common questions about the role

Is it for me?

Master Composter schemes vary slightly across Britain, but in general the aims are to:

  • raise awareness of the benefits of composting
  • to encourage more people to compost at home
  • to support those already composting to ensure they are successful in their home composting activities.

If you are enthusiastic about achieving these aims then becoming a Master Composter is right for you, whatever your level of knowledge, age or lifestyle.

What do Master Composters do?

See the What do Master Composters do? page for details.

Does it cost me anything?

Your place on the Master Composter scheme will be fully funded by the organisation running the scheme and hence you will not have to pay for the training course or any resources. You will normally be able to claim for any expenses so that you do not end up out of pocket.

How much commitment do I have to make?

The majority of Master Composter schemes ask their volunteers to aim to spend about 30 hours over a year in their compost promotional activities. This 30 hours includes all travel and preparation time. When a Master Composter has reached their 30 hour target, they will attend a ‘graduation ceremony’. Many Master Composters continue their voluntary work long after they reach this target, although there is no compulsion to do this.

What help will I receive?

  • Training

The first step to becoming a Master Composter is to attend a training course. The purpose of this training is to ensure that all volunteers have the same basic level of knowledge.

  • Master Composter Manual

All Master Composters receive a manual at the start of the training session. This manual is intended as a reference resource to remind you of what you learnt on your training, and as an information resource. It includes relevant contact details for your area, technical information on composting, examples of Master Composter activities and fact sheets on composting/gardening queries that are often posed to Master Composters.

  • Support

The Master Composter Coordinator for your region directly supports your promotional work. There are also some resources such as posters and compost bins available to help you.

You will have access to the password protected area of this website, which includes a Master Composter forum for chatting with your fellow Master Composters, and updated lists of upcoming events that you might like to attend.

We will ask for your permission to compile your contact details into a Master Composter directory, which you can use to contact other Master Composters for help and to share resources and ideas.

A quarterly newsletter is compiled for Master Composters that includes lists of events, composting-related features and news from Master Composters.

You will be provided with a name badge – please wear this when undertaking your Master Composter activities.

If you have any technical questions on composting and gardening you have free access to the Garden Organic information and advisory service.

Common questions asked to Master Composters

See a list of questions Master Composters are often asked by members of the public.

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